Located in La Seyne sur Mer, La Chrysalide is a swingers club in PACA. No equivalence, infrastructure and breath-taking ambience. Complex of 1800m2. High-end restaurant, 100% house card, guest DJ and state-of-the-art clubbing. Relaxation and whirlpool area with giant bubble bath, Jacuzzi, hammam, sauna. On the sunny side, a brand-new naturist outdoor patio of 600m2, pool, luxury bed and alcoves naughty outside. Dungeon SM of 40m2 ultra accessorized and totally private. All details and pricing in the suite followed the photos of the club at the foot of the page


Le Camp Laurent – 118, avenue Marcel Berre
83500 La Seyne sur mer

+33 6 26 72 81 10