Glamor is the largest club in France by its size. It is the lighthouse of Cap d’Agde, a must for your holidays, and known for its famous Mousse parties (Foam parties).

You can dance, show off in sexy outfits and indulge in sex games until dawn

Glamour is Cap’s premier swingers’ nightspot since 1998: there are lots of attractive people. It has three bars, two of them outside, dance floor with live DJ, playrooms and the doors to this rooms are guarded.

At the bottom are the loos and two doors guarded by staff – each lead into a long twisting darkened passage which winds through playrooms and past cubicles. The door on the left leads to the couples only play-zone while singles are permitted in the zone on the right. Everything is wooden and there are lots of jailbars and occasional curtains hiding things from view. In one or two places, there are whipping frames or other S&M equipment

1 Boulevard des Matelots Centre Héliopolis
Le Cap D’Agde, Languedoc-Roussillon, France 34300

+33 4 67 01 55 49