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Swing in Paris

Paris, France’s capital city, is Europe’s and the world’s centre for fashion, art, gastronomy and culture. Paris is also known for being the city of romance and love & sex.

Echangisme, or wife-swapping in France, was once the preserve of bourgeois elites and middle-aged couples bored with their sex lives. But the winds of democracy and the internet have blown through and it has gone down-market, dropped its prices and got younger and better looking. Brickies and grandparents, do it, but twenty somethings are moving in. The sexual communism of young people rebelling against social and political norms is still in its early stages.

In Paris, everyone does echangisme. Swinging couples in Paris are liberated, open, a la mode, each free to live his or her own life.

There are over 20 swingers clubs in Paris, as well as saunas and restaurants that encourage sex on the premises.

People from all over the globe, including swingers, flock to Paris to seek adventure. With a warm and open attitude Paris swingers’ welcome swingers from Europe and the globe, swingers’ Australian, swingers’ Spain, swingers’ Italy, and swingers’ Portugal.

Paris embraces sexuality with passion and curiosity and a spirit of exploration that is none to other. As a swinger, Paris is filled with diversity, swingers’ parties and clubs that will have you coming back for more. In addition, Parisians are always ‘up for it’ so there’s no need to be shy when in Paris.

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